Robotic training in VR


Robotic training in VR


The VRRobotLine “Piattaforma di Realtà Virtuale per l’addestramento degli operatori su linea robotizzata” project (April 2018 – April 2020) is supported by Regione Piemonte under the “POR FESR 2014-2020 – Azione I.1b.1.2 – Poli di Innovazione – Agenda Strategica di Ricerca 2016 – Linea B” programme.

The consortium includes Bell Production (coordinator), Brembo (which provides the use case represented by one of its factories and related requirements), InformAmuse and DSTech. Software development will be supported by Illogic. Politecnico di Torino will be responsible for the research activities in the field of Virtual Reality (VR).

The aim of the project is to develop a VR platform for training operators on a robotic production line. The virtual environment created in the VRRobotLine platform will faithfully reproduce that of the selected, real factory and will allow operators virtually experiment both standard as well as emergency operating conditions; the platform will also allow to train operators on both regular and scheduled maintenance procedures.


Overall, the project is expected to provide the ground for technological improvements in the industrial domain concerning safety and incident prevention. Technology used in VRRobotLine can be exploited to augment the knowledge about the functioning of production plants, through an immersive visualization of relevant process and areas of operations.

The use of VR will allow for a reduction of operation errors, an increase in productivity and a reduction of direct and indirect costs connected with the management of robotic cells.



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