ASP Project “Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality” (AVMR) by SEI Pioneer

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The VR@POLITO will be involved in the 2019/2020 project of the Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP) named Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality (AVMR) by SEI Pioneer. Prof. Fabrizio Lamberti will act as main supervisor. SEI Pioneer is a one-year program in partnership with ASP that aims to create the next generation of deep tech entrepreneurs and innovators in Italy. According to the proposal, Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality is mostly associated with entertainment industry. After all, a VR headset seems on the surface to be essentially a very high-tech video game. The truth is, that this technology goes far beyond that: not everyone plays video games, but everyone loves to learn and interact in a different way. Educational Technology, in particular, is going through several changes in the last years, including also the mass-marketization of educative and recreational games; Schools and universities are changing their traditional teaching methods and it will completely revolutionize the way teachers teach and students learn together, while also industries and corporates are adapting their learning methods.

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